“Food represents life and transformation”

Simply Served Personal Chef was born from my life-long passion for the culinary arts.  I’ve been entering food competitions (and winning) since the time I was 7 years old.  It’s the way I most often display creativity.  If I’m having a great day – I head into the kitchen and cook.  If I’m having a bad day – I head into the kitchen and cook!  Some people sculpt, some paint, I cook.  Food represents life & transformation.

My own family has been living the organic lifestyle for quite some time now.  Growing up in the country, my parents planted sprawling gardens.  It wasn’t called “organic gardening” then, it was just growing food the way generations upon generations have done it.  We obtained most of our food locally.  If we needed meat, the farmer across the road sold it to us when it was time for the animals to go to slaughter.  If we needed dairy products, that was right outside our own door.  We bartered, we gathered, we cooked and we loved.  For me, the bottom line is that cooking and serving great food to friends and family is a joyful expression of love.  I hope to welcome your family to our family someday.