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Winter is a time for stews!

I have scads of childhood memories about my mom in the kitchen.  One that I particularly relish is the one where she is cutting up a roast into small, square pieces for an upcoming stew.  My special enjoyment of this memory likely stems from the fact that I had to wait so long to participate in making a stew.  My mom knew me well enough to know that I was far too “enthusiastic” to be

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New year, new you?

I find it daunting, all of the hullabaloo that surrounds new year resolutions.  We all know that a fresh slate is a good thing sometimes, but with all of the hype, I often find myself wondering if I’m up to the pressure and the expectations that go along with a resolution.  So, I’ve compromised this year.  There will be no labels of “resolutions” in my vocabulary in 2013, but in it’s place will be what

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Going . . . going . . . gone

Waking up in the pre-dawn darkness of these late October mornings, one can actually feel that Fall is slowly leaving us.  As I take my first sip of scalding, dark coffee & listen to the slow hum of the furnace warming the house, the sun begins to lighten the outside world.  I note the crisp whiteness of hard frost that blankets everything my eyes touch, and I think to myself that today is the day

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