That’s odd.  I’ve never heard of this before . . . .  Said no personal chef EVER!


I’ve often pondered over why good people feel guilty about not enjoying cooking (especially when there are so many other fun things to feel guilty about – like hiding your child’s Halloween candy and lying to them about it being all gone so you can eat it after they’ve gone to bed . . . ).


It is not a crime to not enjoy cooking.  In fact, I recently heard a woman lamenting at a shopping center about her significant other’s “gift” of one of those mailed to your door boxed dinner/service things that are popping up all over.  We’ve all seen the ads on TV, “Everything you need to cook a fabulous dinner delivered right to your front door”.  They do sound enticing, and perhaps they may even taste alright.  But here’s the kicker – YOU still have to cook it, and that’s what was bothering the woman I overheard at the shopping center.  She still had to prep everything, cook the food and then clean up the mess in their kitchen.  Some gift!  I laughed and said to my friend, “That would be like if you didn’t like to clean, but your S.O. came home with a new vacuum and a bucket of cleaning products and presented it you as a gift!”.  That’s no gift.  That’s your S.O. trying to give you a hint about wanting YOU to cook a nice meal.


What is a gift is to offer your love (or yourself) the services of a personal chef.  We do all the menu planning, the shopping, the cooking and the clean up afterwards.  All you’re left with is an invoice and a nice message that says something like “Enjoy this week’s yummy food! See you next Week :-)”.


Now ask yourself – what gift sounds better?!


Hope to hear from you soon 🙂


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