Yesterday, while walking past my garden, I caught the first glimpses of little orbs beginning to take shape on my Brandywine tomatoes!  Upon closer inspection of the vines, I see there are 9 tomatoes on the Brandywine and another 5 starting in the Rutgers vine.  The Sungold cherry tomato plants in the larger back garden are also beginning to take shape.  It’s the first day of Summer, and our little garden has already given so much!  Everyday, I harvest lettuces to have with our meals.  We’ve had beets that were as sweet as candy.  Radishes top our salads and get tossed into our stir-fries.  Fresh broccoli has been a real treat this year.  And the sweet corn!  It’s already starting to tassle out in the front garden!  The herbs have gone into everything from lasagna to herb-infused vinegars.  The watermelon and cucumber vines are starting to spread out over the black earth – I can’t wait for that first watermelon!  But the most fun activity of this year has been watching the growth of the pea plants that my 2 year-old nephew helped to plant.  The pea patch belongs solely to him and his new little sister.  I hope he’ll garden someday too.

Gardening is a lot like cooking.  You start with one thing, and magically, the finished product is something completely different!  I feel so blessed to be able to organically grow food for my family.  Today marks the Summer Solstice.  I give up a big thanks to our lovely universe for the beauty of Summertime.  It reminds me that our ecosystem needs tending, just as our bodies need tending to stay strong and healthy.

If you have ever thought about gardening, or are thinking about how to eat in a better way, give me a call sometime.  I can provide you with outstanding recipes that capture Summer’s bounty and nourish you in ways that you have to experience to appreciate.

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