Who still has no idea what to give their love for Valentine’s Day this year?  Me for one.

Many people struggle with what to give their special gal or guy on Valentine’s Day, and believe me, I get it.  I mean, let’s be honest, after a few years go by, does your girl really want another bauble or more roses?  And for the men . . . well, this gets even tougher because Valentine’s Day has always been all about the ladies.  Unfair?  Totally.  But realistic, most definitely.  You don’t see too many men in the diamond store commercials, unless they’re doing the buying.  Coincidence?  I think not.

But what if there was a more innovative and more personal way to say “I love You” on Valentine’s Day?  Who wouldn’t love an amazing meal expertly prepared at home with all of their favorites in mind?  So many people in our busy world don’t have time for home cooked meals, so they go out to a restaurant, get served a sub-par meal with over priced wine, and go home.  Hasn’t that routine become a tad blasé for the most romantically built up day of the year?

This year, why not say “I love You” with a fantastic meal prepared by a personal chef in the comfort of your home?  It’s not as expensive as you may expect AND the quality of the food and the expertise in the preparation will far out-pace the average restaurant experience.

If this sounds like a solution for your V-Day conundrums (& you live in the Madison area) please visit the “Contact Me” section of my website (https://simplyservedpersonalchef.com/contact-me) and send me an email about what you may have in mind.  I will happily work with you to find a great meal plan that fits both your needs and your budget.  Additionally, if you book prior to February 10th, you will receive 15% off the total cost of your meal.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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