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When Is The Watermelon Ripe?

If one must have a conundrum, I suppose mine isn’t so bad. This is what is keeping me up at night right now. When will my watermelons be at their peak ripeness and perfection. As a chef, and as a grower, I really appreciate good produce. And more so than ever this year because of the severe draught which we are plagued with. Those plants have tolerated a lot, and are probably giving us more than we deserve, but all the same, I have high expectations and I don’t want to be disappointed. While we were in France last year, my brother-in-law taught us the Sicilian’s secret to great watermelon. Lemons. Right before you eat the succulent, sweet, pink flesh, you squeeze a fresh lemon over the top. My own twist was an added sprinkle of sea salt. It’s heaven, right here on earth.

More to follow soon, I have to go and check on the garden . . .

Oh yes, a few new menu items I’ve cooked up this month are turkey and black bean burgers with peach salsa, lamb burgers with garlic-yoghurt sauce and very spicy mango chutney and black bean tostadas with queso fresco, sauteed mushrooms homemade cherry salsa . . . Call me – I can make these for you in your home too you know . . .

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