A client asked me this a week or so ago, and it certainly gave me pause for thought. After mentally chewing on the topic for days now, I think the most concise answer is that many people don’t know what good food tastes like or what it can do for their bodies. I’ve heard story after story about living the “Hot Pocket” lifestyle as kids because that person’s family placed little or no emphasis on eating well. Add to this the stories of being bullied at school because they were overweight and it’s easy to reach the correlation between mental health and obesity. Now that these people are adults, they often have no frame of reference for how wonderful real food is, but they do know that they don’t want to pass on this legacy of bad food habits to their children. For these people, I send out a huge salute!

Our children mimic us in a million different ways, but one of the biggest is certainly how we nourish our bodies & our minds. If we continue to consume pre-processed, sugar and salt-laden, preservative crusted food then so will our children, and so will their children. In this era of unprecedented obesity rates (not to mention high blood pressure, high cholesterol & heart disease) isn’t it time that we push the re-set button on nutrition?

If you are at a point where you are ready to turn that page and undertake a new chapter in life with really delicious, healthful food, give me a call or send an email. I will always offer a no-cost initial consultation so that you really do have zero to loose and possibly a whole new way of living to gain.

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