Simply because of logistics and ease of planning, I’ve listed here my pricing by family size. Some personal chefs charge by the hour (including the time they shop for your groceries) and some charge mileage, but I feel those other styles of pricing get rather cumbersome.

You will see below prices for a family of 2 and for a family of 4, but don’t fret if you are a single person or have more than 4 people in your family! I’ll happily accommodate whatever your situation requires. Also, if you would prefer, I am able to provide you with only entrees (no side items) which is a more cost effective plan.

For 2 people:
2 meals (with sides) = $180*

4 meals (w/sides) = $250*

6 meals (w/sides) = $300*

For 4 people:
2 meals (with sides) = $250*

4 meals (with sides) = $320*

6 meals (with sides) = 400*

*The rates listed above do not include the cost of your groceries.