I find it daunting, all of the hullabaloo that surrounds new year resolutions.  We all know that a fresh slate is a good thing sometimes, but with all of the hype, I often find myself wondering if I’m up to the pressure and the expectations that go along with a resolution.  So, I’ve compromised this year.  There will be no labels of “resolutions” in my vocabulary in 2013, but in it’s place will be what I will call “promises to myself”.  The word “promise” is a much more tender and caring one, in comparison to the word “resolution”.  A promise is something to be kept, sometimes even secretly, so that an outcome will occur.  I like that.  I can live with that.  My only “promise to myself” for 2013 is that I’ll continue to live as healthy of a lifestyle as I can.  My promise encompasses a healthy diet, a good dose of exercise, not working myself to death and spending quality time with the people I love.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Maybe you are also contemplating what your own “promise to yourself” will be in 2013 . . .   If a healthier lifestyle is on your horizon, consider giving me a call this year.  Let me show you how delicious food is also healthful food.  You really don’t have to sacrifice flavor to have healthier menu options for yourself and your family.  Whether your a meat lover, a grain free wanna-be or a vegan in the making, I can prepare just the right entree for your needs.  I hope to hear from you this year!

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