Today marks day 1 of blogging for my Simply Served website. Super fun, to say the least.

In this first blog, I thought that maybe the right thing to do would be to write a bit about myself so that you would get to know me and to have a better feel for what inspires my chef-abilities.

So, here we go, journeying into uncharted territory. I feel just like Dora.

I’ve blogged a lot in my past, but it was all about Wisconsin politics (insert sharp intake of breath here for the shock of it all) and I had to tow the company line in my writing. You would have no way of knowing this, but in my very recent past, I was the Program Coordinator & state lobbyist for AARP Wisconsin. I hope you won’t hold that against me – it paid the bills and we accomplished some really significant milestones there. That being said, after 6+ years of trying on the corporate life AGAIN, I resigned and have come back to what I love. Hopefully (someday soon) it will pay the bills as well as that last job did. Anyhow, blogging about food is SO much easier than blogging about healthcare reform measures or insurance fraud. I hope to cover some interesting and really relevant, useful information about food, nutrition and a litany of other topics surrounding what we put in our bellies.

I’ve had a love affair with food my entire life – it’s been my place of creativity and comfort for as long as I can remember. One dream of mine is to win the lottery, buy a small chunk of land and grow awesome, organic food that I can lovingly prepare for my personal chef clients. Nice, huh? If you’ve never had a ripe tomato, heavy with juice, picked fresh and still warm from the sun, sliced and drizzled with good olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, I hope I can change that for you. It’s such a simple thing, but its value on a warm August day with a nice breeze blowing thru the kitchen is beyond measure.

Hard to think of these things in January though, with snow pelting the window and that heartless North wind making the Northwest corner of the house feel like Siberia. Days like these are made for Osso Buco with it’s tomatoey-garlicky-beefy goodness perfuming the whole house, bubbling quietly in my Dutch Oven. No beef shanks in the freezer, but my want of Osso Buco wins out over my trepidation for flash-frozen eyelashes and numb finger tips. Time to pull out my Sorels, my long underwear & my furry hat with the ear flaps and go start the truck.

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