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Thoughts on resourcing what we value

When I get together with other people who really love food, our discussion usually comes around to the declining state of affairs that is the standard American diet (commonly referred to as the SAD diet).  The giants of the food industry in America have trained us well to accept mediocrity in the foods we consume.  Many Americans have swapped quality for convenience.  Boxed mac and cheese IS easier than making it from scratch, but it

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For The Love of Broccoli!

Oddly enough, I’ve used the above sentence when exasperated, like when I’m around all the little nieces and nephews who repeat everything their Aunty says . . .   much to the parents dismay . . .   It’s used in the following way, “Sally, for the love of broccoli, please put on both of your shoes so we can all go to the park!!”.  It works well and no deity’s names are “taken in vain”.

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Food Conjures Nostalgia

I am stuck inside today, in my office, working.  The earlier mid-day sprinkle escalated to an honest-to-goodness afternoon rain shower, which we desperately need.  No complaints.  Listening to the little stream gurgling away along the gutters outside my office window, it occurs to me that a cup of coffee pairs well with rain showers.  And so does an enticingly, sweet cookie.  Sadly, it’s been so hot that my oven has not been even on “WARM”

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