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The Case for Working with a Personal Chef

If I had no shame here, I could go on and on, brazenly selling myself willy-nilly, praising myself for my stunning culinary talents, lavishing myself with accolades over past dishes, etc., etc., but I’m seriously not that kind of girl.  I like to think that I possess as much humility as I do culinary talent.  This blend that I strive to keep keeps me with both feet firmly planted on the earth.  A good place

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Today is a banner day!

Today marks day 1 of blogging for my Simply Served website. Super fun, to say the least. In this first blog, I thought that maybe the right thing to do would be to write a bit about myself so that you would get to know me and to have a better feel for what inspires my chef-abilities. So, here we go, journeying into uncharted territory. I feel just like Dora. I’ve blogged a lot in

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