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Moving Past the Polar Vortex

I just had to write a post using the latest catch phrase “polar vortex” – I mean really, who comes up with this stuff?  It’s like “selfie” or “hashtag” or my least favorite, “foodie”.  So if you really enjoy good food, you’re a “foodie”?  That would meant that because I really enjoy my pets, I’m a “Petie”?  Or because I also really enjoy shopping at thrift stores that I’m a “thrifty”?   People, let’s move

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The frost is on the pumpkins

Well, here we are once again, another season in the record books.  I find myself gathering wool often as each season begins it’s annual transition, wondering what I learned from the season which has just passed.  Summer 2013 presented our family with many highs, and certainly some lows.  My father, age 91, passed away in August.  And no matter how much you brace your heart for the inevitable, when your parent passes on, your world

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Thank You Just Isn’t Enough

I recently had the good fortune to sit down with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long time and catch up.  Her name is Mary Celley, but most of you will know her as the “Honey Lady” at the Dane County Farmers Market.  She is the owner of Bee Charmer Honey and her bees produce some of the finest honey I’ve ever tasted.  As we were talking over this and that, we

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