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Why I am not a book keeper . . .

Every year, just around the end of January, I begin to develop a low grade headache that has everything to do with getting all my little financial record ducks in a row for tax season.  And then in late February, the headache goes away, but it’s replaced with dread (because I loathe sitting down to organize all my receipts and so on for our amazing tax preparer).  Then in March, I get a serious case

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A grateful Chef

At this truly beautiful time of year, it’s only fitting to take stock of the blessings that have come my way over the past 365 days.  I have so much to be grateful for.  Health, family, true love, goofy pets & great friends!  And my amazing clients certainly count among these blessings.  We’ve laughed a lot this year, shared some tears, but mostly have just enjoyed one another’s company as we explore fun, new healthy menus.

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Olympics Spurs Us To Eat Better

It’s been such a pleasure to watch to 2014 Olympics.  All of those young (and not quite so young) athletes trying to deliver their personal bests as representatives of their countries.  It’s thrilling!  I keep thinking, “I’d give a lot to be 23 again and ski like that!”.  But, I digress. What I’ve also been noting is how much attention is being paid to the athlete’s diets.  The cafeterias in the Olympic Village have been

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